Taking Back The Government: Election 2006 Update
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Pirmary season is upon is. Your vote, your support and your donations will carry more weight in the upcomming elections than ever before. Please do what you can to support these excellent candidates.
  • Lois Murphy won her primary last night. I can't begin to explain what a great candidate she is. Read up on her and see for yourself. She is fighting to represent a true swing district and has excelent chanes of winning.
  • Jon Tester is gaining momentum as he heads into his June 6th primary. He's a real person with the best of intentions. Everything about him suggests a "real American." And he's increasingly likely to be the guy who knocks Conrad Burns out of the ring in November.
  • Nick Lampson is fighting hard to be the guy who takes over Tom Delay's District 22. He definitely has a steep hill to climb, but the chaos in that district can work for him just as much as it works against him.
  • Francine Busby blew an army of Republican opponents out of the water in disgraced representative Duke Cunningham's district. She didn't quite get enough votes to win the special election, but she proved herself quite capable of winning the rapidly approaching final vote. She's survied despite millions being spent on execptionally sleazy GOP-sponsored attacks which have been denounced by the press and experts across the political spectrum.
Please visit the websites linked above. Read a bit about each candidate. Sign up for their e-mail lists. If you can spare a few bucks, donate to the cause. And, most importantly, mention these candidates to your friends and family. And blog, podcast, etc. about them! The size of your audience is insignificant. Spread the word! Get involved!

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