opera will not be denied
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With unparalleled use off the destkop, Opera will become a force to be reckoned with in the very near future. Here are a few reasons web developers will ultimately have to focus on Opera compatibility.

  • Opera runs on more cellphones and mobile devices than any other browser
  • Opera's mobile browser is Acid2 compliant. MS/Mozilla have yet to achieve this in any of their products.
  • Opera's mobile browsers scale, rather than re-arrange/limit, websites for small screens
  • Opera will be the official browser of Nintendo. It is available for purchase on the DS and will ship with the Wii.
  • Opera's desktop, mobile and Nintendo releases are all the same version. We're not talking about Opera and Opera Lite. If it works on desktop, it'll work on mobile.
  • Opera scales to any screen size, whether 1.5" cellphone or 80" TV.
  • Opera supports any input device. Voice control, remote control, etc.
  • Opera is pre-ported to embedded x86, IBM PowerPC, MIPS, ARM, Intel xScale, Equator, ST Micro, Sigma Designs, Freescale, ATI, AMD, Texas Instruments, NEC, Toshiba, SH4
Opera works very hard to adhere to universally accepted standards. That makes it pretty easy to develop for in the first place. This ease, combined with their sizable non-desktop install base makes it an undeniable force in the marketplace. Nintendo's support will further solidify it's significance. Developers who fail to recoginze it's importance will find themselves at a distinct disadvantage. Those who do will find it extremely easy to port their web service to just about any device under the sun.

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