modding tapper: a noble cause
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Brooklyn bar/arcade owner on the classic game, Tapper:
Q: And what's your most coveted game now?
A: Tapper. I mean, it’s a beer themed video game in a beer bar. It’s perfect. Almost. I’d love to find a game hacker who could change the Budweiser logo in the game to Dogfish Head or something more appropriate to the bar. That would rock.
That seems like just the kind of thing to which a beer-swilling computer geek would gladly devote far too much time.

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Blogger sarah t. said...

the tapper game at barcade is an old-school original one, too...i hear it's pretty rare to find a tapper game with the budweiser logo--usually it serves up rootbeer, no?

Mon May 08, 10:48:00 AM  

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