Microsoft Actually Innovates With Media Player 11
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I've been playing around with WMP 11 and I'm really impressed. Rather than follow the expected course like a.) rehash the previous version with a handful of superficial changes or b.) blatantly copy iTunes, MS has actually created something new and dramatic.

Apple was the first software company to figure out that a media player needed to focus on managing and displaying the library rather than creating a digital representation of a traditional home stereo. But, like Microsoft did with Internet Explorer, Apple got too comfortable and too lazy and basically stopped adding new features. iTunes is still missing a number of important features that have been present in WMP for years, but WMP was such an awful mess that Apple didn't have to worry.

Apple now has to worry. Microsoft has really cleaned things up. They've built an application that doesn't look or act like anything else out there. It's a significant improvement on iTunes and every other media application on the market. The clutter is gone, replaced by clarity. The powerful management have been refined.

I was the leader of the WMP Hater's Club from v7-v10, but in just 30 minutes of use I became v11's biggest fan. Starting Wednesday, you'll be a fan, too.

(I expect to write more about WMP11 this week on citizen glitch.
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