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The weekend is upon us. It's been a long time since the last linksplosion, but it's back...for now. The last one was way back in February. Hopefully you've been finding other ways to waste your weekends away.
  • Inquisitor is a web-based metasearch that actually expands the possibilites of search, rather than merely complicating things.
  • Albert Gonzales is "unclear" about how his parents came to America
  • FlipClips will convert your short videos into flip books
  • Daily Show video exposes some particularly nasty, and hilarious, FauxNews propaganda
  • Tim Berners-Lee explains why the media and the medium need to be separated.
  • Daryl Hannah's vlog is earth-friendly
  • Wired lists the best original online video programming
  • Wikipedia has a simple timeline of CG in film, with screenshots
  • MyPodder runs on, and aggregates directly to, your portable media player
  • Uhuru creates some beautiful stooles/tables out of scraps of wood and a bicycle rim
  • The Wall Outlet Safe is a very clever way to hide things
  • The Xyron Design Runner is a unique hand-held inkjet printer
  • QFold puzzles are free, printable visual puzzles based on symmetry
  • The Forearm Forklift is an innovative way to put some more muscle behind your moves

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