Hi-Res Photos: Expanding On 'Interestingness'
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Jorn Barger made an exellent observation about Flickr last week.
"flickr's 'interestingness' picks are totally void of emotion!?"
And he's 100% correct. 'interestingness' is flickr's method of automagically finding the most popular, influential and interesting images. Their explore feature lets you easily browse through the most recent examples of 'interestingness.' And, not only are these without emotion, they often are void of human beings altogether.

Anyone who pays attention to the hi-res photos of the day around here knows that I tend to feature the same sorts of photographs. I often use 'interestingness' to help seek out images. It already takes quite a while to find photographs that are of sufficient resolution. The recent emphasis on CC-licensed images has made it even harder. But I'm going to go one step further and try to feature at least some element of humanity at least once a week. However, despite today's pick, I'd anticpate more pain and misery than happy babies.

As for the 'interestingness' at Flickr, I suspect that their methods are, indeed, representative of what is popular at the site. Hopefully, I can cast a wider net here.

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