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Gmail Remote Command is a nifty little tool that will let you control a remote PC via a Gmail account. The command set is somewhat limited, but the interesting aspect of the software is the ability to send commands from any device that supports email (cell phones, blackberrys, public kiosks). Everybody lets email through, so firewalls are not a problem.

Very Clever.

The documentation is non-existant, but it's easy to see the security implications here. Interestingly, the app presents a completely different set of problems than you find with traditional remote control applications. While it's likely undetectable on a remote machine, it's probably pretty easy to spam a ton of gmail addresses with commands.

I have to think that futher development, combined with a saavy user, could provide a relatively unique and safe experience. The existing ability to limit the path and to create your own command operators are the only useful security features already in the program. Two features that seem very necessary are the ability to kill apps and to send email notification when the app receives commands.
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