consumerist eats crow over threadless remarks
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Consumerist got all bent out of shape because they didn't get special treatment from They even pulled the snotty "I have a popular website card" in an attempt to scare/threaten the site. While they at least had to guts to admit they were wrong, it's still worth pointing out that there was absolutely no reason for them to lash out in the first place. Threadless actually has very good, very personal customer service. I've found them to be remarkably accommodating. Consumerist's whole complaint was odd because they were trying to fix a stupid mistake that they made and couldn't because it was shipped so quickly!

It's nice that consumerist owned up to being wrong, but total nonsense like that spreads across the internet at lightning speed. And it'll take much longer for it to disappear. Consumerist started out strong, but turned out to be whiny and incompetent. They may have 15,000 readers, as mentioned in their threatening email, but they write like they only have an audience of seven. I've removed it from my reading list.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

If we changed the headline, that would also change the link. People had already linked to the post and our apology wouldn't be reflected in the version we were linking to.

Tue May 02, 11:27:00 AM  

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