Zen, iPod, PSP: Is there a DAP neutral MPEG4 video format?
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In many ways, the answer to this question is yes. However, in the only significant way, the answer is no. All of these devices support MPEG4-SP. But all three vendors seem to have screwed up the standard. So, it's time to think about conversion rather than compatibility. Since theses formats seem to have a similar core trapped inside of diverging wrappers, the right application should be able to quickly convert between them.

From learningAPI.com:
  • iPod handles MPEG4 SP and AVC in an .mp4 container
  • Creative Zen Vision handles MPEG4 SP, but only in an AVI container. Leading tools like Sorenson don't even bother to support this archaic variant. I might as well use the WM format's better compression and drop MPEG4 from the process.
  • Sony PSP - I've just ordered one for testing, but in advance of its arrival, I've already noticed that the .mp4 AVC files that Google Video makes available for the PSP are different than the .mp4 AVC files they make available for the iPod. And tests reveal that the PSP-targeted file will not play on an iPod.
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