TiVo and PTC, Sitting In A Tree
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It's disturbing that TiVo is now enabling the Parents Television Council to control what your children watch. Sure, the service is opt-in. But, by doing this, you're opting to exert less parental control over what your children watch, not more. It further removes parents from their duty to monitor the TV viewing habits of their children. Putting young minds under the control of the PTC is no better than putting them in the hands of network executives.

I wish TiVo weren't legitimizing organizations like this by inviting them into my home. I suppose I could live with TiVo using services like this to provide extra information. Sure it's remarkably biased, but it could still be pertinent for the type of parent capable of evaluating the given information. The particularly dangerous part of this service is the feature that automatically chooses what your children do watch, rather than what they don't.

I'm just saying, don't be surprised when you find little Jimmy watching a PTC-endorsed 700 Club marathon on his kiddie tivo.

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