I'm Not In Love: 10cc's of Clever
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10cc's mid-70's hit, I'm Not In Love, is a curious track from a curious band. 10cc can easily be compared to Ween, in that they can be taken seriously even while they are a joking and in that they can play just about any style of music they attempt. Before being fully taken in by the seemingly sentimental, I'm Not In Love, one should note that 10cc refers to the quantity of semen ejaculated by the average male. With the band name taken into consideration, a careful listen to the track is warranted. It reveals a sonic imprint that is as absurd as it is lush, and for the exact same reasons. It exposes lyrics that can be seen as a simple case of a sentimental fool in denial, but they can also come off as...well...pretty mean.

In addition to sharing traits with Ween, a Steely Dan comparison is in order. Like Steely Dan, they're creating a perfectionist piece of smooth, almost "easy listening", music. And they're doing it, at least partially, just to make fun of the style. Also like Steely Dan, they're slipping some subtle, yet surprising, lyrics into the mix. The third connection between the two bands? 10cc = semen. Steely Dan = sex toy.

OK. I really don't know where I'm going with this. So I'll end it here. Next time you hear the track...listen closely.

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