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As a result of my growing opposition to iTunes and other locked-down music stores, I decided that I will go out of my way to promote eMusic with this blog. I've posted about the store before and I just added a little advert to the right column, but I wanted to go a step further and give a practical example of eMusic's benefits.

I went through past posts to see how many WTG artists are sold through the site. I was was pleased to find almost every artist I searched for. Clicking the following covers will take you to high quality MP3s from Throbbing Gristle, Ween, Psychic TV, Nine Inch Nails, Jane Jensen, and Ming+FS.

And yes, I get money out of this, but that's just a bonus. I hope you'll believe that this is more about promoting an open alternative to iTunes.

Oh, and one more thing, signing up gets you a real, honest free trial. No temporary charges to your credit card and no attempts to help you forget about cancelling before you are charged. This is an honest company with the you, the consumer, in mind. Please consider staying on after your 25 free tracks run out.

If you choose not to go with eMusic, go and buy a real CD at a real record store. Only eMusic and record stores offer actual ownership of high quality audio. iTunes doesn't. Napster doesn't. It's your money. Spend it wisely.

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