consumer reports: iPod Hi-Fi is disappointing
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As far as I know, iPod Hi-Fi has been reviewed by only one highly reputable publication. While the rest of the media has been premanently blinded by the white glossy glow of iPod products, Consumer Reports has given a review that seems to reflect that stats I've seen as well as plain old common sense.
The unit's performance is mildly disappointing--and somewhat surprising for a company that usually at least matches its competition. Though it sounds decent enough, the Hi-Fi didn't match the audio quality of the best-sounding (and lower-priced) iPod boomboxes from our past tests. And it offers few unique features and capabilities--again unusual from a company known for innovation.
Like the $100 iPod cases, this seems like another example of Apple buying into their own hype and/or taking their loyal customer base for granted. They have no business making speakers anyway. Developing the device was a smart business decision for Apple, but buying it would be a foolish purchase for consumers.

Consumer Reports likes the iM7 better. Personally, I would go for the
Sonic Impact 5066 digital amplifier, which can run on batteries, and a set of efficient speakers. It's roughly as portable as an iPod Hi-Fi, and sounds infinitely better.

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