Brainwashed Offers Up Free Music: Five MP3s from Annie Anxiety
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Brainwashed is offering up free Creative Commons-licensed tunes from the artists who call the site hom. The first artist to offer up music is Little Annie (Anxiety).
Barbed Wire Halo was Annie's first release as Annie Anxiety and has two songs, "Cyanide Tears" and "Hello Horror," it was produced with Penny Rimbaud of Crass and released in 1981. "It Was July" comes from the Italian compilation F/Ear This, originally released in 1987 but recorded much earlier. "Soweto Suntan" came from the Devastate to Liberate LP released by David Tibet's Yangki imprint and also featured Nurse With Wound, Coil, Current 93, The Legndary Pink Dots, and many fine others. And finally, "Gates of Freedom" was released on the compilation Here We Go, issued in 1985 on Sterile to benefit the UK Miners' strike. None of these songs have surfaced officially on CD.
I first discovered Annie via her appearance on Coil's Love's Secret Domain and it's very exciting to see her release this stuff for everyone to hear. If you enjoy the music, please consider donating to the charity listed on the page.

Tip: For the uninitiated, Cyanide Tears might be a good introduction, as it is the closest to what some might consider to be "normal" music.
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