Valleywag is Remarkably Boring Reading
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Valleywag might have won the award for most unnecessary weblog on the for-profit blogging scene. Without exception, every post is an excercise in mind-numbing boredom.

Please note that the following example was the top story at the time of this posting. I repeat, I did not seek out a particuarly boring bit just to make a point. Are you ready to slip into a deep coma?
Google booked two applicants for the same interviewer at the same time
Wow. I realize the blog is intended for a limited audience, but I don't think advertisers are exactly fighting over the "two guys involved in a scheduling conflict" demographic.

Gawker Media's record isn't perfect, but it's pretty good. However, I suspect Valleywag, like Oddjack, will fold. The "commercial blog bubble" is bursting at the seams and Gawker should be careful, lest they become the poster child for the bubble's burst when it all goes down.

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