iTunes Podcast Tip: Sync Up Anywhere
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Many people don't realize that, despite being unable to sync to someone else's iTunes music without wiping out your current library, you can download podcasts from anyone's iTunes install. Just plug in your iPod, making sure to say no when asked if you want to overwrite your current library, and the computer's subscribed podcasts will load onto your drive.

Of course, you're going to be picking up your buddy's podcast subscriptions and not your own. I see this as a good thing. It's a great way to discover new podcasts and someone else's new podcast episodes always beat listening to your old ones again.

This process would be even more useful if Apple could change the way iTunes tries to associate an iPod with the computer it is connected to. If there was absolutely no risk of some newbie accidentally overwriting his library, everyone could feel free to update their podcasts anywhere. You could sync up to a grocery store podcast at the grocery store or a museum tour at the museum. Or just pay $1 to sync up to a "podcast vending machine".

Of course, you're also going to run into problems plugging Mac iPods into PC and vice versa. But the nearly automatic "feature" that destroys your existing iPod library is the real obstacle to overcome.

Until that happens, just remember to click NO!

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