HSU Research Ventriloquist VT-12 Home Theater Speakers
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If you have a satellite-based speaker system, your center channel should be big and look like this in the back:

If it doesn't, it's time to upgrade.

Most home theater speaker systems have center channel cabinets that are much smaller than they should be. In satellite systems, the center is often embrassingly inadequit. This leaves your system with nothing to differentiate the blatant center channel from the more subtle front and rear surround channels. Even worse, it leaves all the hard work to your subwoofer. As a result, your sub is busy reproducing the bass for all of your speakers instead of merely the very low end. And your satellites are terrorizing the room with a rather narrow spectrum.

Enter HSU Research. HSU's satellites are tiny enclosures with full-range drivers. But the center channel is a powerhouse. In addition to providing a big, full center channel sound that stands out like it ought to, it handles lower frequencies for the front L & R speakers as well. The "Ventriloquist" technology passes the signal through the center before it gets to the satellites. The result is a sound that just seems too big for such small speakers.
"I was surprised by the VT-12's ability to play loud, with full, clean dynamics — plenty loud enough for material like live jazz combo recordings at real-world club levels...By coming up with a novel solution to a longstanding challenge, and by refusing to be bound by hard-and-fast speaker-design “rules,” Hsu Research has produced an astonishing little system."
"Editor's Choice...we guess Hsu Research never heard the old expression 'You can't fool Mother Nature'--because it went ahead and crafted a (mostly) teensy 6-channel speaker package that sounds a lot bigger than it should...an incredible value...the VT-12's richly balanced musicality is ahead of every other affordable mini package we've heard...8.2/10"
“HSU Research is torturing the competition with an almost painfully low priced and ingeniously designed sub/sat set...Value: 95/100”
These are sensitive speakers with superb specs and stellar sound. HSU is the speaker company that BOSE claims to be. But unlike BOSE, which refuses to publish specs for their systems and spends all their money on marketing while claiming to spend it on research, these speakers are well built, well designed, and appropriately priced.

I'm in love with mine, and I can't recommend them highly enough.

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