Inside ILM: Ween, Dubby Disco & Reverse Sounds
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I Love Music has far too many threads for any sane person to read. Here are 10 recent and wtg-related additions that stand out from the pack due to information, insight, and humor.
  1. Album covers redrawn from memory in MS Paint: Part 3!
  2. The Blue Up? live band
  3. Top 100 tracks with reverse sounds
  4. Coolest Member of Queen
  5. worst beatles song
  6. Ween - Shinola Vol. 1
  7. Albums you explain away with: "my wife/husband/girlfriend/boyfriend/partner bought it"
  8. Dubby Disco RFI
  9. Why must Jermain Dupri, Missy Elliot, B. Diddy, DJ Clue, etc. talk all over every song they produce?
  10. The Replacements: Classic or Dud?
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