Inside ILM: buddy rich, the queen of goth, and songs that ruined everything
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I Love Music has far too many threads for any sane person to read. Here are 10 recent and wtg-related additions that stand out from the pack due to information, insight, and humor.
  1. Top 10 non-cheesy christmas songs
  2. Songs That Ruined Everything
  3. on second glance, avril lavigne
  4. Loudest of the loud: Dinosaur Jr. 2005 or My Bloody Valentine 1992?
  5. Music: made on Absinthe?
  6. the Buddy Rich Bootleg where he yells at his band
  7. Get Behind Me Santa
  8. Pitchfork's 2005 singles list
  9. bands who only became widely popular after changing styles?
  10. Doesn't Anyone Here Understand That Nico was the QUEEN OF GOTH?
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