The Ape Escapes: The last breath of Coil
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Somehow, despite the site being named after one of their albums, this is the first time Coil has appeared on the pages of WTG. And, sadly, this is the last album Coil will release.

The Ape Of Naples
was thrown off course last year due to the untimely death of John Balance. Since then, Peter Christopherson has completed and released a few projects that they had been working on. But this is grand finale. This is closure. The last studio recording from Coil.
Featuring songs recorded in final days of Jhonn's life, as well as material originally recorded at Trent Reznor's studio in New Orleans, and now substantially re-arranged by Peter Christopherson, this album is sure to be seen as the 'classic' Coil album of all time, and is not to be missed under any circumstances!
The recording is currently available on CD, but will eventually be released in Coil's always spectacular limited edition vinyl (only 23 copies).

While this is the end of Coil, other projects linked to Balance/Christopherson have been performing and recording at a surprising rate. Throbbing Gristle and Psychic TV have both been performing around the world and plan to release new material in the coming year.

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