Inside ILM: Stockhausen, Erotica and Offensive Cover Art
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I Love Music has far too many threads for any sane person to read. Here are 10 recent additions that stand out from the pack due to information, insight, and humor.
  1. "the greatest four-record run in rock history"
  2. introduce me to KARLHEINZ STOCKHAUSEN
  3. defend the indefensible: JAGGED LITTLE PILL by alanis morrissette
  4. Album covers with strong blue tones
  5. Most well-known songs based around a major seven chord?
  6. What would be the most pointless extensive and expensive Box set ever to be released
  7. Madonna's "Like A Prayer" vs "Erotica"
  8. Songs About Creepy Crimes Committed In the Woods In the Cold Dark of Night.
  9. Albums in Your Collection Whose Cover Art, if spotted on your coffee table by your In-Laws/Significant Other's Parents, would completely Chill any semblance of Good Cheer and give them Rather Serious Pause.
  10. Franz Ferdinand Cover Air's "Sexy Boy"
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