Inside ILM: Mike Love, Dub and French Female Vocalists
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I Love Music has far too many threads for any sane person to read. Here are 10 recent additions that stand out from the pack due to information, insight, and humor.
  1. Band name == album name == song name?
  2. Defend the Indefensible: Mike Love
  3. What are your favorite concert DVD's??
  4. So, Why exactly is Neil Young considered the "godfather of grunge"?
  5. Has "I FEEL LOVE" been used as a sample before finding play in one of the new Madonna tracks??
  6. French Female Vocalists
  7. "White Horse" by Laid Back - what is this song about?
  8. C80: Songs About Elvis
  9. so which dj mix best summed up 2005? and which was the most extraordinary?
  10. Three Greatest Dub Albums
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