Behind The Songs: Jewel, Counting Crows, Sir Mix-A-Lot
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These aren't exactly the greatest songs ever written, but you've heard them a million times. Now you'll be able to bore your friends with the stories behind them.

Sir Mix-a-lot on "Baby Got Back"
I was dating this girl with a little tiny waist and a huge ass -- just a Coke bottle body. We were sitting in a hotel room in Los Angeles watching the Super Bowl, and we saw these beer ads with the Bud chicks -- like straight up and down beanpoles. I didn't agree with that. I wanted curves. We started writing "Baby Got Back" right there.

Jewel on "Who Will Save Your Soul"
When I was about sixteen years old I took a train from Michigan to San Diego and then into Tijuana and hitchhiked around Mexico. It seemed like everybody else was looking for somebody to save them. I wrote it during that trip, but I had no idea it would ever be on a record.

Adam Duritz on "Mr. Jones"
Me and my friend were in a bar and a bunch of girls were in the corner talking to the drummer for Chris Isaak's band. We were just thinking, "Man, if we were big rock stars we could talk to girls." I went home that night and wrote it.

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