Behind The Songs: Flaming Lips, Cake, Liz Phair
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These aren't the greatest songs ever written, but you've heard them a million times. Now you'll be able to bore your friends with the stories behind them.

Wayne Coyne on "She Don't Use Jelly"
We used to do these silly experiments: You drink out of a glass of water, then you spit into the water and drink it. There would be this disconnect of, "Christ, I'm swallowing my own spit!" So I took that a little bit further. A lot of times people will use Vaseline on their lips because they don't have lip balm, but the idea of putting it on food and eating it repels them.

John McCrea on "Short Skirt/Long Jacket"
I think it was inspired by seeing somebody with those two oppositional fashion gestures. And that's sort of what the song is about, directly oppositional forces housed within the same mechanism or personage. I saw this woman as trying to arrive at balance -- the skirt going up and the jacket going down.

Liz Phair on "Divorce Song"
Every song I write is on various states of aloneness and togetherness, maybe because I'm adopted. Sometimes you're married and alone, or you're single and alone, wanting to be with someone. It's all about being and not being together . . . but I have no idea who the guy was.

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