The Weekend Brings Tough Choices: Mow The Lawn or Click The Links?
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21 chances for digital entertainment nirvana this weekend.

  1. Watch Fox News repeat the GOP talking point, "Criminalization of Politics" over and over again
  2. Listen to the Podictionary definition/history of the word Lesbian
  3. Laugh at Josh Leo's questioning of livestock
  4. Marvel at the pure evil of Paul Simon
  5. Catch up on Nerd TV's latest episodes
  6. Build a vacuum clothes dryer
  7. Create Super Mario World levels with Lunar Magic
  8. Treat your ears to musicNerve podcast episode 10/15/2005 - It rains a lot in the desert
  9. Immerse yourself in the brilliant 360 degrees of VRMAG
  10. Play flickr sudoku until you can't see straight
  11. Peer 0.000001 seconds into the future with the clever, and potentially useful, Tab Preview for Firefox.
  12. Keep Mitch Hedberg's memory alive by watching a boatload of hilarious clips
  13. Explore Cornpone's art
  14. Study a single, continuous NASA satellite video of this season's hurricanes
  15. Watch Angelina Jolie and Antonio Banderas be naughty in a very NSFW scene cut from a previous film
  16. Download some out-of-print Psychic TV albums (purchase legal ptv recordings here)
  17. Install the free VMware Player and try out a few pre-built Virtual Machines
  18. View some bizarre clusters @ flickr
  19. Take the fantastic new Opera 9.0 preview out for a spin
  20. Battle forces of nature in the game, Gravity
  21. Give into del.icio.usness with free mp3s

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