NYC Tourism Board's Worst Nightmare: Taxi #4J90
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I deliberately avoid posting personal things to this blog because, among other reasons, I want WTG to actually be interesting to readers. But I'm going to make an exception just this once because I think this definitely fits the "interesting" bill. In a move that most certainly does not project the image NYC works so hard to hone, a home-made sign containing the following text was taped to the plexi-glass divider of the cab I took home last night:
Fools hungry for the
real time romantic pleasure
die the reality death nukes
I have to imagine that a message like that would scare the living bejesus out of many visitors to the city. So, if you're coming to the city, stay away from medallion #4J90. Of course, if you're looking to scare the hell out of your in-laws who are in town for the weekend, maybe you should seek it out.

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