JenniShow Episodes 12 & 13
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More "classic" episodes of JenniShow. Long before vlogging had a name, Jenni of jennicam was doing just that. These are episodes 12 & 13 of her 45 (that I'm aware of) episode run. Research at the wayback machine (search for suggests that these episode are at least 8 years old.

In episode 12, 'The Usual,' Jenni does the usual and answers questions due to her on-cam makeover being canceled due to a camera-shy makeup artist.

In episode 13, 'Outdoors @ The Airstrip,' Jenni sits outside near an airstrip and talks about her upcomming appearance on David Letterman.

Some of these episodes are really only significant for their historical value. Others are genuinely interesting. I'll leave it up to you to decide which is which.


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