Flickr Tricks: Hacks and Hidden Features That Get The Most Out of Flickr
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Flickr is, by design, an open and hackable system. This is part of the reason it was embraced so quickly. Yahoo was smart enough to recognize this and has yet to tighten its grip on the service. A project this large and feature rich is bound to have hidden features and plenty of tools to exploit them. Here is a small selection of all the fun there is to be had with Flickr.
  • Surf (example) - add "surf" to the end of the URL when you are viewing a photo. This will take you to an alternate method of browsing photos.
  • All Sizes (greasemonkey script) - This allows you to skip a few steps when trying to view different image sizes. As a (unintended?) bonus, it allows you to view sizes that you wouldn't otherwise have access to.
  • Group Pool Watch (greasemonkey script) - View the latest images from all over your groups in one easy to browse page.
  • Buddies - View all over your buddies on screen at once with no extra formatting or page separation.
  • Flickr dpreview linker (greasemonkey script) - Flickr is kind enough to tell you what camera was used to take a photograph. This script is nice enough to turn the camera listing into a link to that camera at Digital Camera
  • FlickrPM (greasemonkey script) - There is a wide variety of information available for each Flickr user. This script puts it all in one place, via a series of icons next a username.
  • Identity Burro (greasemonkey script) - When viewing a photo on Flickr, you can instantly find that same user on, Technorati, CiteULike, WebJay,, Rojo, 43things, 43places, AllConsuming, LiveJournal, Simpy
  • Interestingness Feed - RSS feed of Flickr's "interesting" photographs.
tip: most greasemonkey scripts work in Opera as well as Firefox.
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