the dead girl fetish
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Ana Voog has posted a set of images and commentary to her journal regarding the use of deceased female imagery in advertising. I'm not entirely sure that all of the images she presents fall into the category of which she speaks, but they do an excellent job of illustrating her point. And I can't say I disagree with her.

She mentions Laura Palmer (Twin Peaks) as the model for this modern fetishism that only shows a corpse after death, as opposed to the active graphic violence long present in slasher films.

ana sez:
"women have been so subjected to violence, both real and propaganda, that we have been objectified to the point of unreality or hyperreality. [to the point that] we just don't really exist anymore. we have been killed in the media (and in real life...but both are real..who can really tell anymore?) so much now that we are now dying by the media, as well. we, as symbols, as symbollically dying...and still selling products while doing it!"
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