Daily Source Code 265 Plays Some Great Music...Finally
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While I believe in PodSafe music (the idea and the commercialization of it), Adam Curry's Daily Source Code hasn't exactly been backing up the concept with good music. Adam Curry was mostly playing artists whose only distinguishing characteristic was that, despite sounding exactly like the crap on the radio, they weren't actually played on the radio. Episode 265 changed all that. The episode featured music that was original, clever, funny and, well, proficient. It's about time. If DSC keeps this up, the podsafe music network will blow-up.
  • Rap/Riders, by Go Home Productions, is a stunning example of the mashup at its best. Not even the mind-numbing repetion of classic rock stations can desensitize you to the pleasure of hearing Blondie's Rapture and The Doors' Riders On The Storm mixed together. This piece makes a strong arument for the power of context and suggests that mashups are capable of revitalizing, rather than just reusing, our past. (Yes, we know mashups are only pseudo-podsafe. But until the RIAA decides to ruin our fun, we'll keep them in that category.)
  • Pour-quoi, pour-quoi pas, by Elisabeth Lohninger, is just a damn-good jazz number sung in French.
  • Song For Free, by Todd Lerner, is a beatles-esque song about being a free song. Despite the obvious self-conscious subject matter, it's a smart turn that never feels like its beating you over the head with its point. Rather, it just makes you grin and agree. This is a thoroughly listenable track that is the *exact* opposite of the unbelivably painful On A Podcast by the abhorrent Cruisebox.

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