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Asleep At Sea - Dance On (garage pop)

Arizona based indie pop-rock outfit Asleep in the Sea has taken the scene by storm with the beautiful three part harmonies, cute yet disturbing lyrics, and catchy sing-along choruses on display throughout their debut EP "Yay! OK? Yeah" which, in addition to their childishly amusing live show, has garnered much attention for the young group.

Zia - Cosmic Rain (ambient/trip-hop)

Fascinated with space exploration and music technology, Zia integrated these elements into its music and performances, creating new wave-styled, electronic pop. The band assembled their own instrumentation, using circuit boards as drum pads and a guitar-shaped MIDI controller.
  • Asleep At Sea - One additional track available for donwload.
  • ZiaSpace - Full catalog available for download. Lots of great music here.

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