Greasemonkey Script: QuickGallery
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This goes beyond many of the greasemonkey goodies available on the net. QuickGallery is not a tweak, but rather a image viewer that still has the instant gratification of other GM scripts. It automatically finds and loads all linked images and allows you to scroll through all of them on on top of the still-viewable and navigable website. In addition, clicking on thumbnails no longer result in the image loading in a new page or even the same page. Instead, it instantly pops up on top of the current page. Clicking multiple images will result in a cascade of images that are easily dismissed by a simple mouseclick.

QuickGallery completely redefines the process of viewing image galleries and adds enhanced functionality to any site with linked images. This isn't just a neat trick. It's genuinely useful, and strikingly simple. And as a bonus, it works in Opera, too.

After installation, try it out by pressing your right or left arrow keys to scroll through wtg's images, and then try clicking on thumbnails at Google's image search.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, that's an amazing script! Thanks for the tip!

Mon Dec 12, 10:10:00 AM  

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