The Gap Between Real News and Fox News Widens
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WTG is actually pretty impressed with CNN's coverage of the hurricane tragedy. Sensationalism was toned down and actual news gathering was attempted. Tough questions were asked of appropriate people. Intelligent reporters covered meaningful angles. That said, CNN still has a long way to go.

The coverage wasn't a home run, but they stepped up to the plate while Fox News stayed on the bench with its tongue firmly planted on G.W. Bush's bunghole and its bobblehead on-air staff attempting to act like a real news organization.

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This makes my head want to explode. Last night's Al Franken show laid it out as clear as could be. Governor Blanco asked GWB to federalize the emergency on August 26th; more than two days before it made landfall. On the 27th he wrote her back confirming the request. That means that she requested that the federal government handle the emergency, not local agencies, and he accepted her request! So when one of his state governors asked him to lead, he took the baton then whizzed it all down his leg. Remember that GWB himself "nominated" Michael Brown (a man with NO prior emergency management experience) to head FEMA. So yeah, the buck stops at the president on this one (too).

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