Free Music: Live and Legal
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Want some free music? Of course you do! Here are five full, free, legal concerts in VBR MP3. The last concert listed, Soul Coughing's 10/25/98 show, is only available in obsessive/obnoxious tape-trader SHN format. Tools for converting to MP3 are provided.

  1. Butthole Surfers, July 20th, 2002, Emo's, Austin, TX (zipped VBR MP3s)
  2. Cracker, 2004, Bonnaroo Music festival,Manchester, TN (zipped VBR MP3s)
  3. Dirty Dozen Brass Band, May 28th, 2005, Harmony Park, Geneva, MN (zipped VBR MP3s)
  4. Dub Trio, February 12th, 2005, Southpaw, Brooklyn, NY (zipped VBR MP3s).
  5. Soul Coughing, October 25th, 1998, The 9:30 Club, Washington D.C. (SHN)

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