Brion Gysin's Poem of Poems
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Recorded in 1958 at the Beat Hotel, rue Git le Coeur, Paris, on a UHER 4400 reel-to-reel recording machine, this record documents Brion Gysin's important experiments in cut-up and recording technique.

Sez Gysin:
"I made it to show Burroughs how, possibly, to use it. William did not yet have a tape recorder.

Very soon after that, Burroughs was busy punching to death a series of cheap Japanese plastic tape recorders, to which he applied himself with such force that he could punch one of them to death inside a matter of weeks, days even."

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice, thank you for posting this, very very rare stuff. From the 20th century into Present Time.

Sun Jan 10, 06:22:00 AM  

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