Ana Voog's TekniKunst Show
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Ana Voog recently "phoned in" a remote performance piece to the TekniKunst media arts festival. This is essentially the complete show.

sez ana:
will people treat this as a film? a performance?
something ambient in the room to talk over?
i am flat projected upon a wall i have never even touched...
but i touch it with my body from the past...through pictures of light.

it's all so surreal.
i'm somehow the focus (perhaps) of some party of which i am not really even present.
but i'm trying so hard to imagine.

will it be mostly women there or mostly men or a mix of both?
will i be shamed for the one day i cut myself in all my life?
will people laugh that my nipples point in funny directions?
will anyone solve the puzzle?
will anyone care to and really laugh at how funny it is?
will they watch me sleep after or go to dinner?
(some or all links are nsfw)


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