William Shater - Denny Crane Mind Meld
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Only William Shatner can get away with interviewing his own characters. It's short, but sweet. Denny Crane is such a great character. I can't wait for season 2 of Boston Legal to start. If you're not watching, you're missing out. Shatner and James Spader are a blast to watch.

"Of all the people I've encountered of late, Denny Crane seems one of the most fascinating. Is he brilliant or blundering, brave or crass, a lethal legal mind or simply lucky? Since I had a few minutes in between takes on the 'Boston Legal' set the other day, I decided to use the opportunity to find out. I approached Denny and asked him if he'd be interested in doing a 'Mind Meld' type interview with me. This was the result."

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