Sim City Comics by Simone
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Simone Eclair, the subject of a previous WTG post, now has a home for her comic creations. If you liked the Dawn & Drew series, the comics featured here will not disappoint.

Says Simone:
"This is intended to be the place I can put up my comics so interested parties can peruse at leisure. Like all blogs it starts with the best of intentions and will likely collapse after three months (and that's generous)."


Blogger Simbot said...

Hey there.
It’s Simone from Sim City Comics. I was googling my name (I have no qualms admitting to that, my comic reveals way more embarrassing stuff) and came across your page. It’s listed higher up than my own! That hurts…
Thanks for the plug. I’m glad you like my comics and stoked you said such flattering things. I heart you.

Thu Aug 25, 05:19:00 AM  
Blogger Eric Mortensen said...

sorry i turned up before your blog, simone. that sucks! i'm sure you move up as more people discover your work.

in the meantime, i'll do my best to send traffic your way.

if you send me a banner/button for my sidebar (150px wide and featuring your art, if possible), i'll gladly give you some permanent linkage.

Thu Aug 25, 01:41:00 PM  

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