No Waste Like Home
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Britain’s most wasteful families are about to face the shock of a lifetime and a radical shift in living, as they follow Penney Poyzer's advice on how to cut down on waste and save money.

It looks like there might be some life in the bland "home-improvement" TV industry after all. This seems like a program that could actually teach viewers something useful, rather than merely devoting 1/2 hour to yard sales, painting and storage bins. While clone after clone continue to dillute a formula that was hardly interesting to begin with, BBC has come up with a new angle that could bring a new audience, not to mention a previously untapped group of earth-friendly advertisers.

Catch in BBC2 @ 8:30pm on Thursdays.

For those without BBC, the site features tips as well as links to products featured on the show. Hopefully we'll see it on BBC America sometime soon.


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