John Loftus Does It Again
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John Loftus of Fox News Channel And ABC News Radio, who previsously gave out the address of innocent people he had misidentified as terrorists, appears to do this sort of thing on a regular basis.
An article in Thursday's California section reported on statements made by John Loftus, a commentator for Fox News, describing grocery store owner Iyad K. Hilal as a terrorist. Although the article accurately quoted Loftus' expression of his opinion, The Times wants to make clear that Hilal has not been charged with any illegal activity and The Times is not aware of any law enforcement agency or official that has identified Hilal as a terrorist.
This guy seems to go off half-cocked every ten seconds. He certainly appears to be unreliable and dangerous source of information. Any organization that employes him should be ashamed. Additionally, right-wing radio and Fox News, should seriously reconsider fostering an environment that encourages "reporting" like this.


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