FX is the new HBO
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FX Network has some phenomenal programming right now. This is smart, creative programming that doesn't pander to the lowest common denominator. When you let the likes of Dennis Leary and Morgan Spurlock run wild, you're bound to get something good.

  • Rescue Me [tivo] - created, produced, and written by Dennis Leary. Leary has finally been unleashed, and exposed as a immensely talented artist.
  • It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia [tivo] - created, written, and produced by its stars, this show is effortlessly original and funny.
  • 30 Days - created and hosted by the man behind "Supersize Me," this is an unassuming "reality" tv show that dedicates a 1/2 hour to unpolished experiments in the same vein as "Supersize."
  • Starved [tivo] - created, written, directed, and produced by one of its stars, Starved asks you to laugh at a comedy about eating disorders.

FX dares to broadcast programs that are not created by committee. And the results are superb. If this isn't the future of all basic cable channels, it should be.

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