Eight Years of "Infotainment Valu!" From Ana Voog
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WTG offers warm wishes and happy birthdays to Anacam, which is celebrating its 8th birthday today. Ana Voog is operator of the longest running and oldest webcam (featuring a person, rather than scenery or machinery) on the internet. She is the internet's premiere performance artist and has little in the way of challengers to her status as the innovator of the medium.

Sez Ana:

"thank you to those who support my art in it's 8th year :) i really appreciate it more than i can express in words!

i'm going to do my best to make this week a very exciting week for all of us in celebration of 8 years!
the longest running homecam on the net!

how on earth did i manage to make it this long?
i really don't think i would have ever guessed i would make it 8 years! i really don't know what i thought...i just try to take it day by day and i guess that is the trick. :)
pretty soon the days add up to 8 years!

this site still has yet to beat how long my band, the blue up?, were together, tho. which was 11 years. so we still have a ways to go before we get to 11, but we will get there, i think!

at the 11th year i will be 42! which, hitchhikers of the galaxy know, is the answer to "life, the universe, and everything!"

that will be the year anacam opens up like a lotus flower and reveals all new secrets :)"

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