Burlesque's "Pat & Vanna"
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"Four years ago, Fred Kahl decided he needed to make some 'good, clean fun.'

But Kahl -- better known in the New Burlesque community as performer, magician and MC 'The Great Fredini' -- has more of a Blue State definition of those words.

'My friend said, 'You are the next Chuck Barris,' says the tall, lanky Kahl. 'You should do a game show!'

So he created 'This or That!' a spirited onstage 'burlesque game show,' now playing Friday nights at 8 pm at Manhattan's Belt Theatre (336 West 37th St., NYC). The regular cast includes Kahl, co-host Julie Atlas Muz, MC Brian Fisherman, and the 'This or That!' girls: burlesque performers Bunny Love, Bambi and Lady Ace.

More bawdy fun than 'Wheel of Fortune,' 'This or That!' takes two contestants from the audience and pits them against each in a series of racy 'challenges,' most of which involve food or playful sexy situations. Prizes include adult toys and 'totally worthless 'This or That!' dollars!' But the show's really an excuse to allow the contestants -- and the cast -- to get a little wild and have fun."

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