Bob Cringely Launches NerdTV
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Beginning Sept. 6, PBS will make available - exclusively over the Internet - broadcast television's first entirely downloadable series, featuring PBS technology columnist and industry insider Robert X. Cringely's interviews with personalities from the ever-changing world of technology.

Sez Cringely:
"NerdTV will have an uninterrupted hour with the smartest, funniest and sometimes nerdiest people in high tech. These are people who have changed our lives whether we know it or not. Through NerdTV a broad audience of enthusiasts and students will gain a much greater understanding of these techies and the context of their lives and work."
The show will be availble in video and audio versions, including full and clipped versions. The show will be licensed via Creative Commons, which should provide endless opportunities for indie producers wanting to incorporate interview footage into their documentaries.

Anyone who's familiar with Cringely's books and PBS specials knows that he has a unique perspective and close connections to just about everyone in the industry. His online column manages to create an internet buzz each and every week. I'm betting NerdTV will do the same.

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