Ana Voog To Be Featured In CamGirls: A Documentary
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CamGirls is an examination into the phenomenon of WebCams (a digital camera connected to a home computer capable of transmitting images across the Internet) and the young women (primarily between the ages of 18-24) who dedicate websites to their daily journals and WebCam images.

These sites can receive as much as 20,000 unique visitors a month. Additionally, dozens of web sites (,,,, etc.) are dedicated to archiving WebCam images and running contests as to which girls are the most popular.

Most of these women are not charging for access to their WebCam images and daily online journals (called "blogs" or Web-Log), but some do offer premium images or additional material for the paying customer.

CamGirls will examine the motivations behind why these girls broadcast images from their homes. It will take a look at each girl's 'real' life. Talk to family and friends about their feelings on the WebCam. CamGirls will also attempt to communicate with some of the users of these sites and find out what exactly it is that they are coming for - on a repeat basis, and to talk with the owners of some of the archiving sites and Adult-oriented WebCam sites to learn of the profitability and motivations behind these enterprises.

Ana Voog is the focus of yet another camgirl documentary. I always cringle when I see her lumped in with random "camgirls" (a topic that is worthy of study), but she's definitely worth the attention and has no trouble standing apart from other camgirls for anyone who watches the documentary. She's always a great example of what the medium is capable of when in creative hands. And that's why everyone wants to feature her in their film, tv show, etc.

This is the official site of the film and has a blog about the production.

For information on another excellent documentary featuring Ana Voog as well as Ducky Doolittle & Terri Senft, click here.

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