drjoanne: the patron saint of wtg photography

It's pretty rare for me to post two non-cc-licensed photos in a row. In fact, it's rare for me to post non-cc photos at all. And I've certainly never posted two consecutive images by the same artist. But DrJoanne is just too damn good. I saw her most recent photograph and absolutely had to include it.

From her Flickr profile:
"To me, the next best thing after Words are... Images. Thus, I tend to think that untitled photos are like unnamed children.

I can't paint, I can't draw - but I can capture. I am self-taught so by visiting my pages you are a witness to my photographic evolution, self-discovery, self-analysis, neuroses, stupidity and often times, me just having fun.

Photographic interests include: portraiture, female forms, semi-nudes, strong profiles, B&W, sepia tones, Photoshop, high contrasts, retro-inspired images, symbolism, the surreal and exploring psychological themes of gender, identity and relationships."
While I have always appreciated art of all types, I had never paid particular attention to photography. Flickr, combined with artists like DrJ have opened my eyes to the full potential of the captured image. Now I can't get enough. Fortunately, DrJoanne and a handful of others are here to feed my new addiction.
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